Dear George,

Congratulations!  Gallery25N’s curators in coordination with have selected your work to be included in the “Drawing 2017″ exhibition.

Attached you will find screens of your
 work that have been selected for the exhibition and video.  

The exhibit will open at online on 02/07/18. & will co-market the artists and art exhibition worldwide in the following ways: 

Invitations: Electronic invitations for the exhibit opening will be sent to the combined international clientele lists of Gallery 25N and These lists exceed 26,000 recipients.
Press Release: A press release will be sent out for the opening of the exhibit and posted to visual art directories. The press releases will provide an international buzz about the exhibit and the artists’ work.
Event Listings & Calendars: The exhibit will also be promoted in numerous online art event listings. These event lists not only provide a timely promotion of the exhibit they also provide ongoing social media marketing.
Social Media Marketing: The exhibition, artists and their artworks will be marketed through, International Artists Directory and Gallery 25N’s social media-marketing network via LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tweeter, GooglePlus, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, YouTube, etc.
Art Market News – Newsletter: The artists and the exhibition will be featured in “Art Market News™” with over 26,000 subscribers in the art market place worldwide. Subscribers consist of art buyers, fine art galleries, corporate art buyers, exhibit curators, fine art agents, architects, property developers, interior designers and art lovers. provides links back to the artists’ website.
Online Presence: After the exhibit ends, the artists’ exhibit will remain in the “Past Exhibits” section of Gallery 25N’s website with a back-link to the artist’s websites.

Video: A video is created of the artists work and exhibit for publication on Gallery 25N’s website and YouTube Channel, with over 50,700 views to date.

We are very excited and looking forward to the opening of this exhibit.