ROI ART PRIZE People’s Choice winner

Empty nest has won the “People’s Choice selection” at the ROI art prize 2017

The following text is from the entry conditions outline:

“The selected artwork will receive a prize of $1000 on the presentation night and will leave the artwork to hang at the ROI for 12 months, after which it will be auctioned at the following year’s presentation night. The reserve shall not exceed the price submitted on entry. The ROI reserves the right to bid for the work, or buy it if not sold. If not sold, it will be returned to the artist.”

Winner of "Peoples Choice" 2017 ROI Art Prize

Feather Studies

Nest Gallery

New Nest Drawing

This new nest drawing was started in November 2014.
Here are six versions of the progress…



“Specimens” displayed at the Richmond town hall

All Photographs were taken by Greg Neville at the “Five Miles from the Sea” Exhibition opening

Mixed media works (laser cuts)

Mixed media works using the bird motif

These works are made from recycled images and materials.

NMIT Staff show 2012

Images of the birds installed on the floor at “A Space” at the start of the show, and images taken at the end of the show. ( almost extinct… )

 Start of the show  End of the show

Carbon forms.

All the images are made from shadows cast by small sculptures of birds.
They are stencilled on any surface using charcoal dust, sizes are variable.



Bird extinction stories across the globe ( Amsterdam Island duck Anas marecula )

I have compiled a chart of  the recent known extinct species of birds.  (Will upload the chart at a later time).

The chart shows that a number of extinct bird species have no visual documentation.
This provides me with an opportunity to guess how these birds may have looked, as well as to match already produced small sculptures to extinct birds.

This exercise is a “mad” attempt to understand and draw attention to how fast the world has changed and is continuing to change.

For a complete listing of “specimens” please have a look at my website


The first image for this list is: Amsterdam Island duck Anas marecula