“empty nest” New iPhone drawing (under construction)

I have started a new iPhone drawing of an empty nest.

This is the progress so far. (more work is required).


Newport power station “The hotties”

The power station releases hot water in a channel and a number of fish species can be caught. (and released) .


More iPhone drawings

This time the reference is fish caught and released in Apollo Bay Apollos View and Melbourne.

Here are some images, more to come in the near future.

Brave New World

Toyota Community Spirit Gallery presents
sculpture 2012

“brave new world”

The eighth annual exhibition showcasing the diversity
and excellence of sculpture practice in Victoria


The work “Specimens” has been installed ready for opening night.

Tuesday 27th of November at 6pm

Toyota Community Spirit Gallery

“Specimens” have been accepted for the  ” Sculpture Exhibition 2012″ at the Toyota Community Spirit Gallery.

Exhibition is launched in November 13th 2012  – March 2013

“Specimens” displayed at the Richmond town hall

All Photographs were taken by Greg Neville at the “Five Miles from the Sea” Exhibition opening

Mixed media works (laser cuts)

Mixed media works using the bird motif

These works are made from recycled images and materials.

NMIT Staff show 2012

Images of the birds installed on the floor at “A Space” at the start of the show, and images taken at the end of the show. ( almost extinct… )

 Start of the show  End of the show

Carbon forms.

All the images are made from shadows cast by small sculptures of birds.
They are stencilled on any surface using charcoal dust, sizes are variable.