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"Your Documents Please" Update


The latest news from Daniel Georges
about the show “Your Documents Please”

“We are pleased to announce the publication of images from “Your
Documents Please” in the November issue of the Italian fashion
Magazine “Amica”. Works by Akane Kirimura, Liliana Rusu, Luisa
Sartori, Corrine Bayraktaroglu, and Beata Wehr were reproduced.

After a snafu that held it in customs for a week or two, the
“documents” are in Budapest, thanks to Mitsuo Toshida and László Böröcz.

The show will open at 2B Galeriá November 28- December 30,
2008 with reception at 6PM, Nov. 28th.

2B Galeriá (
Ráday utca 47
Budapest IX. ker.

As always, the on-line catalogue, schedule and other information
is available at .

Best Regards To All,

“Your Documents Please” ID exhibition will open August 2 – August 17, 2008 at ZAIM In the Cafe and 4th Fl exhibition space, Yokohama, Japan. ( )

August 11 – August 16 Galerie Paris ( ) 1
block from ZAIM will make more exhibition space available so that all works in the exhibition will be on view.

A symposium with participating artists, Ichi Ikeda, Choi Song Gyu, and Mitsuo Toshida will take place on the evening of the Aug. 2 opening at ZAIM. For further information in Japanese, see the attachment.

As always, the catalog and schedule are available at:

Exhibition Venues 2008-09

April 4, 2008 – April 20, 2008
Museum of Arts and Crafts – Itami, Itami-shi, Japan

August 2, 2008 – August 17, 2008
ZAIM, Yokohama, Japan

Late November – December, 2008
2B Galéria, Budapest, Hungary

January 2009 (tentative)
Galerie Kurt im Hirsch, Berlin, Germany

February 2009
GALÉRIA Z – Bratislava, Slovakia

April 17, 2009
May 8, 2009, Galería Ajolote Arte Contemporáneo, Guadalajara, Mexico