NEW TERRAIN – Sustainability, Environment and Community is an eclectic exhibition of twenty artists associated with Northern Melbourne Institute of TAFE (NMIT) Visual Arts Department.

NEW TERRAIN highlights various contemporary art practices involving photo-media, painting and small-scale sculpture, reinvigorating the idea of sustainability through diverse personal and artistic responses. The artists explore concepts of sustainability, the fragility and complexity of the natural world and the importance of embracing sustainable practices and new ways of living.

The collaboration between Ararat Regional Art Gallery and NMIT Visual Arts has come about through NMIT’s links with Ararat’, Rachael Cowley Head of NMIT’s Department of Visual Arts said. ‘The Visual Arts Department offers programs at four campuses in the metropolitan area. The NMIT Ararat campus offers a range of programs including Winemaking, Viticulture, Farm Chemical Use and Herb Production. This connection prompted us to develop an exhibition for Ararat and this has evolved into an artistic exploration of sustainability, environment and community.

Dr Colleen Morris, one of the featured artists and Head of Program, Bachelor of Illustration NMIT said, ‘NEW TERRAIN features practising professional artists who bring a unique vision and personal response to this project. Some of the artists have previously explored social commentary or the natural environment in their work, for others the project provided an opportunity to explore new areas.’

The exhibition features the work of George Alamidis, Rachael Cowley, Warren Crossett, Caz Guiney, Jodi Heffernan, Kari Henriksen, Chris Hillard, John Hyndman, Peter Kartsounis, Colleen Morris, John Neeson, Greg Neville, Stephen Pascoe, Carol Pelham-Thorman, Kirsten Perry, Lyn Phillips, Karenne Rees, Maurizio Salvati, Geoff Tolchard, Greg Wayn, Eric Wong and Alex Zattelman

LOCATION: Ararat Regional Art Gallery, Town Hall, Vincent Street, Ararat
PHONE: (03) 5352 2836