Last Night (10th of March) the Athenium theatre was filled with a crowd of mainly women, who were there to hear Germaine Greer talk about her new book “Shakespeare’s Wife”.
The ticket I received last week (cost $10), was a photocopy which could have been forged by anyone who had access to a photocopier. I would be curious to know how the organisers have been able to keep track of who would be allowed to attend the talk.

The talk however was worth the money. Greer was articulate and told the story of Ann Hathaway a woman who for years has been ignored by the academics who have written volumes on one of the greatest writers of the English language. In fact she said that “the wife of our greatest playwright, is often portrayed as a jealous nag who drove the bard out of her life and into adultery. Yet the sonnets, which are full of repentance, enduring affection, and tell a very different story”