Invitation to Exhibition

International Bureau of Identity Documentation (ibid)*
Prospectus 08.4.4-ID:

Your Documents Please

International Identification Document Exhibition Opening April 2008

In an insecure world of fallible people with fallible ideas and ideologies, ibid invites you to submit an application to use the UNBRIDLED POWER of your ART to create (in suitable format as stipulated below) a Vital Document for purposes (known and unknown) of identification, emigration, immigration and imagination in an exhibition to be transported Internationally to several locations.

We ask that you think of this endeavor both as an opportunity to identify yourself (or not) and as a venue to vent and vet the veritable forms and permits bestowed locally on citizens (documented and undocumented) of the world in embassies, municipalities and other bureaucratic institutions around the globe by making a Document of Identification your way. Nevertheless, it is not our intent to prejudice the content of your ID for it is clear that in this context virtually any presentation–visual, textual, textural or otherwise–must be considered a valid form of identification.

The exhibition of artist made documents will take place in: 

April 4- 20 2008
The Museum of Arts & Crafts-ITAMI

2-5-28, Miyanomae,
Itami-shi HYOGO 6640895 JAPAN


November 2008
2B Gallery
Budapest IX. Ráday u.47 Hungary

January 2009
Bratislava, Slovakia

Alamidis Exhibition entry I.D