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work on paper (under construction)

The starting point for these works is my digital collection of correspondence from the past. Letters, notes, stamps and envelops amidst other things. I find the handwriting particularly interesting because my own lacks any of the refined qualities found in the collection. Visual tension is created between the personal message and the stamps and other […]

"Your Documents Please" Update

The latest news from Daniel Georgesabout the show “Your Documents Please” “We are pleased to announce the publication of images from “YourDocuments Please” in the November issue of the Italian fashionMagazine “Amica”. Works by Akane Kirimura, Liliana Rusu, LuisaSartori, Corrine Bayraktaroglu, and Beata Wehr were reproduced. After a snafu that held it in customs for […]

"Your Documents Please"

The website for this group exhibition has been launched please have a look. There is a huge number of contributors to this exhibition, I’ll be able to remove my list of artists and replace it with this link to the show. Next show will be in August 2, 2008 – August 17, 2008 —– ZAIM, […]

Artist books project

If you look on the right hand side of my blog you’ll see that I have started a list of interesting blogs/sites. Artist books projectThis list includes artists who work with the idea of artist books Worth a look Artists/ProjectsThis list includes artists who expand on the idea of artist books and create sculptural works. […]


NEW TERRAIN – Sustainability, Environment and Community is an eclectic exhibition of twenty artists associated with Northern Melbourne Institute of TAFE (NMIT) Visual Arts Department. NEW TERRAIN highlights various contemporary art practices involving photo-media, painting and small-scale sculpture, reinvigorating the idea of sustainability through diverse personal and artistic responses. The artists explore concepts of sustainability, […]