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Birds Project 2007

“Conceived as a child’s toys these small sculptures are made of found objects, from the beach at Apollo Bay Victoria”.link to birds project on my wesiteThis project stayed dormant for a long time but it has re-surfaced again. I went for a walk on a beach last week (March 2008) and found that the pieces […]

Germaine Greer – Shakespeare’s Wife

Last Night (10th of March) the Athenium theatre was filled with a crowd of mainly women, who were there to hear Germaine Greer talk about her new book “Shakespeare’s Wife”.The ticket I received last week (cost $10), was a photocopy which could have been forged by anyone who had access to a photocopier. I would […]

Paul Auster and Siri at Readings

I’m not the type to go out of my way to be in a crowd of people.But I did just that this evening and it was worth every painful standing moment.I stood in the crowd at Readings bookshop to hear a conversation between one of my a favorite author’s (Paul Auster) his wife (Siri) also […]

Your Documents Please

Invitation to Exhibition International Bureau of Identity Documentation (ibid)*Prospectus 08.4.4-ID: Your Documents Please International Identification Document Exhibition Opening April 2008 In an insecure world of fallible people with fallible ideas and ideologies, ibid invites you to submit an application to use the UNBRIDLED POWER of your ART to create (in suitable format as stipulated below) […]